Things I Have Been Up To

I've been busy!
I love being busy.
I take that back.
I only like being busy as long as I am busy with things I like.
Make sense?
I also love photography.
And that's what I have been busy doing.
Snapping pics.
Editing pics.

Here's a peek of what I've been up to:
Some handsome groomsmen.

This little cutie.

A senior sir.

More wedding sweetness.

Some rock and roll action.

Cutie number 2.

Wedded Bliss.

What have you captured lately?


Cell Phone Sunday: (Mostly) Garden Edition

It has been a busy week!
But of course I still had time to take pictures.

Here's the proof:

...proof that the Sunflowers are getting HUGE!

...proof that the rockstar and I might have green thumbs. A very light shade of green, but green nevertheless.

...proof that Piglet rocks.

...proof that my neighbor only mows his FRONT yard. The back? Not so much.

...proof that the rockstar is in love.

...proof that the cherry tomatoes are looking stellar.

...proof of absolute cuteness.

...proof that the rockstar decided to plant corn in random places.

...more proof. One lonely corn stalk.

...proof that they are buddies, pals, best friends. So sweet.


Cell Phone Sunday!

I like the iPhone, yes I do!
I take a million pictures - how 'bout you?

Sometimes the worst quality photos are the most memorable.
Try not to throw the not so good ones away.

Here's the proof that sometimes bad = good:

...proof that the rockstar uses a WAY bigger spoon when eating cereal. Us normal folk use the smaller one on the right.

...proof that the kiddo has some pretty cool friends that hand made this little toy.

...same toy - other side. How cute and creative, right?

...proof that I love where I live.  Hooray for farmers markets a block away from my house!

...I mean, seriously!

...proof that things in our garden are growing! Peppers!

...proof that we have peculiar friends (who also wear groovy shirts).

...proof that my girl has beautiful curls...and I will never cut them. Ever. :)

...proof that the rockstar is not as tough as he thinks he is (all is well, but I DO NOT plan on making trips to the ER on a regular basis).

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!