Why I call him the Rockstar

...because when we first met, he was a lead singer in a rock band. I used to go to shows and stand in the front and take pictures and swoon over what a super hot rockstar he was.

...because when we got married he wore his favorite aviator sunglasses during the ceremony.

...because his mow the lawn/gardening/working on the yard shoes are old vintage Trax.

...because this is what he wears while mowing the lawn/gardening/working on the yard.

...because he has crazy shaggy hair and lets me photograph him whenever I'm in the mood to shoot...which is a lot.

...because he is an incredible father.

...because it never gets old.



  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He is a rockstar. (and so are you)

  2. Hahaha Nikki. I love you :) (and your cute little family).

  3. What a great post and I LOVE the trax.