So. This is me. This is us.

Alright, technically speaking, this is "five years ago" us. This is "minus a kid" us. This is "Martinis and peace signs and hand stamps and galas and big hair and night clubs and night time sunglasses" us.

This photo was taken long before baby vomit and Elmo and lawn mowing and pets and life insurance policies and sticking to a budget (still working on that one) and home cooked dinners and diapers.

These days, I sometimes put my comfy pajama pants on around 7pm. I have dance parties, but in my living room. I've forgotten how to pronounce the word GALA. The peace sign is now associated with "two more bites, please" or "Here comes Peter Cotton Tail" (the hopping down the bunny trail part). And most importantly, I've successfully mastered the art of changing my kid's diaper while she is sleeping and then leaving the room, totally undetected.

I take photos.
I write.
I read.
I laugh.
I make up songs.
I watch Word World.
I clean up kid puke.

Life is good.

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