Memorial Day

Today is a day of remembrance and thankfulness.

Several of my friends were in the military:

Juju -Navy
Sprague - Marines
K.B. Peach - Navy
B-Ryce - Navy
Sea Bass - Marines

(One of these days I'll have to write a post on why I feel the need to give people nicknames. I'm sure it will go something like this:
SUBJECT: Why I give people nicknames?
POST: Why not? (Because I'm weird)
But I'll try to make it a little more substantial).

 Thankfully, all of the above mentioned are still with us. I've got some great memories with all of 'em.

Many thanks to the brave men and women (and their families) who have served our country and kept it safe.

                                                  The fallen...

                                        and those still standing.

We remember.

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