Cell Phone Sunday

I take lots of photos. Sometimes when there isn't a fancy camera at hand, I use my iPhone.
I use my iPhone camera a lot. It enables me to capture spur of the moment photo awesomeness. They may not be the best quality, but they tend to be some of the most random/hilarious/adorable/weird photos EVER.
Here's the proof:

...proof that at one point my daughters pacifier was practically the size of her face.

...proof that the rockstar sometimes wears sunglasses at night...inside.

...proof that I love cheese. All kinds. Along with a glass of wine.

...proof that I live in an amazing part of the country.

...proof that one winter we literally had to shovel our cars out of the snow.

...proof that playing is hard. P.S. That is not my house. My house is never that messy. Yea right.

...proof that my daughter likes Winnie the Pooh...and laundry baskets.

...proof that my cat sleeps in weird positions.

...proof that my dog sleeps in weird positions.

...proof that my cat also sleeps in weird PLACES.

...more proof.

...proof that sleeping is good. And, yes. My child has a TON of toys in her crib...and an extra pacifier in there too.


  1. Love these! And, would like to see more proof...anytime!

  2. love ALL your iPhone pics!

  3. Your phone pictures are better than most of my "fancy camera" pictures!

  4. I'm with you, my iphone camera has taken at least half the pictures on my blog.