Cell Phone Sunday: (Mostly) Garden Edition

It has been a busy week!
But of course I still had time to take pictures.

Here's the proof:

...proof that the Sunflowers are getting HUGE!

...proof that the rockstar and I might have green thumbs. A very light shade of green, but green nevertheless.

...proof that Piglet rocks.

...proof that my neighbor only mows his FRONT yard. The back? Not so much.

...proof that the rockstar is in love.

...proof that the cherry tomatoes are looking stellar.

...proof of absolute cuteness.

...proof that the rockstar decided to plant corn in random places.

...more proof. One lonely corn stalk.

...proof that they are buddies, pals, best friends. So sweet.

1 comment:

  1. What a funny little look on her face. Your green thumb is MUCH greener than ours! Your veggies look great. Love those big smiling sunflower faces!