iPhone Sunday - Alive & Kicking

I love the iPhone and all its gloriously delicious apps. I'm like a kid in a candy store - with the plethora of dorky games to choose from. And now they have camera apps..and I'm hooked. Even more than I was before. Here's the proof:

Proof that my kid sings along with the radio in the car.

Proof that these two are buds. She loves him and he loves her. And it melts my heart. Woh.

Proof that my dog follows me everywhere. When I walk down the hall, when I go get the mail, when I look out the window, when I go wash my hands, when I sit on the couch, when I open the fridge...

Proof that we have some scary looking stairs going into the basement. (...more proof that my dog follows me everywhere. Can you spot his legs?).

Proof that she's related to a rockstar. She loves that mic.

Proof that the sky never ceases to amaze me...

Proof that this is what happens when I say to the rockstar, "Can you feed the kid, please?"

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