Little Miss.

 to my little miss (full of bliss)

I've never been good about keeping track of things.
Truth: your mother is not super organized.
Fact: I will still probably make you clean your room.

Sadly, I never wrote down when you said your first word, when you first rolled over, the first time you said 'i love you'....
Terrible, I know.
I jotted down a handful of dates and facts on a dry erase board hanging in the hallway.

On the dry erase I have noted:
the first time you smiled
the first time you slept through the night
the first time you laughed

I do remember what your first word (in which you actually KNEW what you were talking about) was: BEAR.

I remember the first time you realized you could actually JUMP in a jumper.

I recall the first time you threw up everywhere and I was certain you were dying, called my mother-in-law and she let me know that you probably just had the flu.

Oh and there's LOTS of video footage. Remind me to bring that out when you bring home your first boyfriend.

Things I do know (which need no remembering):

The minute I knew you existed, I fell madly in love.
The second I saw your face - I realized why IIIII was in existence.

You are
the apple of my eye,
the bee's knees,
the cat's pajamas,
the greatest thing since sliced bread,
my favorite.

I will always
fight for you,
believe in you,
support you,
pray for you,
be proud of you,
love you,
no matter what.

Thanks for being my kiddo.
Thanks for cracking me up.
Thanks for telling me I'm funny.
Thanks for the hugs.
Thanks for calling me mama.
Thanks for making me cry tears of:
pure bliss.

I love you.

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