Talk To Me.

 to the little miss

I love the stuff that comes out of your mouth
(besides puke)

I should really write these moments/phrases of randomness down.
Thus - I am going to write them down NOW.

Never to be forgotten.

"All the world!"
-this is said with MUCH enthusiasm. And I have NO IDEA what it means. You tend to say it when you are very excited. Which is then followed by,
"All the way!"

"Watch your feet, DOG."
Your dad (a.k.a the rockstar) taught you that one. Directed towards the dog when he jumps up on the bed.

"I don't believe it!!"
I'm not sure where you learned this. And I'm not sure what in the world, at two years old, would have you saying the phrase 'I don't believe it.'

"It's so cute!"
"It's so beautiful!"
"It's so great!"
All three of these go together. You'll say any one of these in reference to:
a toy
a chip
a spoon
a leaf
a piece of paper
a stuffed animal
-oh, to have the mind of a child.

"I'm funny!"
I'm glad you think so too.

"Lay down, go to sleep."
I may or may not say that when putting you to bed.

"I wanna dance."
And you'll keep repeating that until we say, "Ok, go ahead and dance!"

"I wanna snuggle dad."
Meaning, I wanna snuggle with dad.

"Rock out, dude!"
Normally said in the car whilst rocking out to the radio.

"I want a 'tar."
One of my favorites these days. 'Tar - short for Guitar.
Meaning - dad, go get your guitar and sing to me.

I love your words.
And your face.
Don't ever grow up, ok?

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