iPhone Sunday-ness.

The "I-can't-get-enough" edition.

I can't get enough:

Piano playing
Mashed Potatoes.
Candied Walnuts.
Are you seeing a trend here??
I digress...

Here's awesome proof of some other things I can't get enough of:

Funkychunky Chip-Zel-Pop. More like Chip-Zel-CRACK.

I almost fell over when I saw this many Swedish Fish in ONE bag. It may or may not have been empty in about a week.

Movies with these two. This was her first movie. Tangled. She ate tons of popcorn...and loved it. Then, after we got home, she threw up ALLLLLLL the popcorn. That part I can do without.

This smile. This cutie. This kid. Heaven help me.

Food. Bread Bowls full of yumm-o soup.

This is a rad board game from the 70's. I heart board games. I am a nerd.

Well, she had to make the "I-can't-get-enough" list more than once. I can't get enough of the fact that she likes to sit and read magazines. Not rip them to shreds, but actually peruse them over from cover to cover.

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