Cell Phone Sunday: Father's Day Edition

Happy Father's Day!

The rockstar is an awesome dad.
He rocks (hahaha...rockstar, get it?)
I love him.
He lets me take I take his picture allllll the time.
Here's the proof:

...proof that he started teaching the kiddo to play the Wii at a very early age.

...proof that he's tall, but not THAT tall.

 ...proof that he likes Macs. A lot.

...proof that sometimes he dresses up like John Lennon on Halloween. And can totally get away with it. And doesn't even need to buy a costume.

...proof that he doesn't make me shovel snow in the winter. I dashed outside to take this picture and then dashed back inside.

...proof that he loves our girl. Always has - always will.

...proof that he DOES dress up from time to time. See the sport coat?

...proof that he likes taking care of the yard.

...proof that he's REALLY proud of his yard. I caught him looking out the window at the front yard, admiring his work.

...proof that he's amazing, and snuggles with the kid, and tells her stories about her little dolly.

I love this man.

And of course there's MY dad.
He lives 1500 miles away. And I miss him.
He's a great dad.
He loves his kids.
He loves his grand kids.
He's a brilliant gardener too.
He's amazing and hilarious.
Happy Father's Day, pops.