A Weekend of Reflection

This weekend we visited friends HERE:
What a view.
We sat by a fire,
we laughed with friends,
we ate peanuts and chips,
we skipped rocks,
we swung in swings,
we drank juice out of sippy cups...
What a weekend.

Little known fact: the rockstar is an amazing rock skipper.
He could be PRO status (if there was such a thing).
He may or may not have spent the entire afternoon skipping rocks.
And I may or may not have watched...the entire time.

and this little one...oooohh, this one. The apple of my eye, the smile of my heart...

...these days, breaking into wonderful renditions of the ABC's at a moments notice.

 ...also seen here swinging AND singing (with binky in mouth) the ABC's to the water.
She may or may not have made it all the way to the letter G, jumbled it a bit until P and wrapped it up nicely with a very proud, "Nex tine won you sing wi ME!"

...taking a moment to reflect.
She loves swinging.
And singing.
And singing while swinging.

It was a weekend full of reflection.
The water was too cold to play in.
What else is there to do....but reflect?

Bandit reflected this weekend:
These are her reflecting eyes.

These are also her:
-sitting around the house
-looking out the window
-laying on the couch

I'm not kidding. She always looks like this (unless she's sleeping).
People say, "Man, your cat looks freaked out all the time!"
I respond with, "I know!"
But she's NOT freaked out.
On the contrary...she is the opposite of freaked out.
Bandit is the coolest, calmest, friendliest, loves-playing-with-babies-and-wrestling-with-dogs CAT I know.
She just has big eyes.
Really big, wide eyes.

The dog reflected:
WAIT - wrong image.
Sorry about that.

Like I said, the dog reflected:
That's better.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Mostly because of this:
The End.

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