Mom to the Max

This is my Ma.

She used to live 1500 miles away.
We talked on the phone and emailed. A lot.

Now she lives 20 miles up the road.
We still talk on the phone and email...
But now we get lunch, take walks, make cards, go shopping, hang out. It's good.
I like my mom very much.
She has become a pal, a buddy, an amigo.

She just left today and flew 1500 miles to visit my sister. Gone for two weeks.
And I will miss her.
And she'll probably be mad that I posted these pictures of her.

 But what can she do?
She's 1500 miles away.

Hurry home mama.


  1. You always have a little touch of humor that adds to each post ;) Loved it, and the pictures. Your blog looks great! I love the pics of you and your family on the right- looks very professional!

  2. Oh, and your taste in children's books is great!

  3. Thank you!! I just thought of another great childrens book. Do you remember James and the Giant Peach?? I need to add that one to the list!

  4. Your Mom is beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to have a daughter and know you will one day be friends like you and your Mom are? It is one of the best parts of being a parental unit!

  5. I know! I can't wait!!

    Well, yes I can...