Cell Phone Sunday!

You MUST know by now that I like taking pictures with my iPhone.  
You remember this, right?
Proof, you say?
Yes of course I have proof!

...proof that the "grand finale" is my favorite part of the fireworks show.

 ...proof that I like to make Deviled Eggs in large quantities.

...proof that Buckley smokes cigars.

don't worry..it's not really a cigar.

...proof that we really DID plant a garden.

...proof that where I live, sometimes you can buy chicks from the local grocery store.

...proof that my girl was just as cute the day she was born.

I love that kid.

...proof that we get some pretty sweet rainbows over here.

...proof that I like taking pictures of the sky.

...I'm serious.

...proof that sometimes she wakes me up a liiiiiiiiiiiittle too early.

...proof that I am a nerd. I love this game.

...proof that where I live, sometimes you find interesting things up on the wall in the doctors office.


  1. is that settler's??? I love that game.


  2. YES! We love it too. We should play!