The Brother Who Came To Visit

Meet my brother:
Some call him Space Jase.
I call him awesome.
He doesn't normally walk around wearing shooting ear muffs.
I'll explain later.

He lives 750 miles away.
He and his equally awesome wife came to visit this past weekend.
I haven't seen them in almost a year.
And when I DID see them a year ago, my little kiddo was sick and miserable.
Double ear infections.
Don't remind me.

This time was different.
She was all smiles.
And yes, just in case you're curious, that last picture is what she considers to be a smile. This is the face she makes, without fail, EVERY time you ask her to smile. I can't wait til her grade school pictures when they take all the kids' photos one by one. I imagine it going something like this:
Photo guy: Ok, little miss cute-pie, give me a big smile!!
She will smile her biggest smile. Just like she does whenever we ask. Just like she did in the picture above.
Photo guy: Oh! Wow! Ok.. well, a little less then... if you could just smile a little less.

I love that kid.
And my bro.
He's my favorite big brother.
He's my ONLY big brother, but he's still my favorite one.
Now that I think about it, maybe the smile thing runs in the family.

Meet his wife. A.k.a. one of my favorite sister-in-laws:
I bet you can't guess her age.
And she may not want you guessing.
My point being that she's beautiful.

And my kiddo loves her.
They sat together singing songs.
Which may or may not have been Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs.

All that being said, it was quite enjoyable having them here.
And since my mom and step dad live out in the middle of Nowhere, America, shooting ear muffs can come in handy.
You didn't forget about this picture already, did you?
Ok, just checking.

Thus began an afternoon of target shooting.
Is that what it's called?
Or is it shooting at a target?
Or is it boys being boys?
Ah yes, that must be it.

Here are the steps:

First - set up the target area.

Second - put on shooting ear muffs. Ahhhhhh, now the picture makes sense, yes?

Third - aim and shoot.

Fourth - Get awesome shot of bullet exiting rifle.
The fourth step applies to me.
Fourth step = COMPLETED.

Fifth - Check the results. And if applicable...
...bask in your bullseye awesomeness.

Sixth - Look at bugs.

Seventh - Pose for a photo with dear old mom.

Eighth -Travel to a place that is more populated than the middle of Nowhere, America and get lunch.

And little miss cutie-pie, would you like some dessert?
And.I.quote: "I would like four cookies, mom. Nothing more - nothing less. Stat."


  1. Looks like lots of fun - and I hope you got cutie-pie her cookies Stat, she looks like she means business!

  2. Some awesome shooting from someone who has never shot a gun before, let alone a "scary, black assault rifle".

    Proud of you Jase for giving it a go.

    Hope you had as much fun as I did.

  3. Great shots sis! You're much more on target than I was! I mean, check out that bullet casing in the shot of David!
    And yeah, it was a fun experience. :P

  4. Miss Cutie Pie looks like she is saying...look mom, put down that camera and get me my four cookies!! TOO CUTE!