Cell Phone Sunday!

Me + iPhone = pictures to the max.

Here's the proof:

...proof that the rockstar has cute shoes.

...proof that Buckley likes his bone. A lot.

...proof that the rockstar STILL likes texting me random pictures of himself.

...he also likes reading in the yard.

...proof that he can take better pictures with the iPhone than me. Woh!

...proof that my girl loves her Gramps. And he loves her.

...more proof.

...proof that she's very very sweet.

...proof that my pops is a good helper.

...and a great gardener.

...proof that I think we may have the same feet.

...proof that I DO show up in pictures every once in a while.


  1. Eden is so cute folded on top of her ball, heehee. Your front garden looks SO nice! love those smiles. Enjoy summer

  2. Love the pics! I never take pictures with my phone - I need to start doing that! We went to the Farmers Market yesterday and I was wishing I had my camera, didn't even think to use my phone!!

  3. Man, great pics. And I can't wait to read the post on dad that is coming soon...;)

  4. You have such cute hair!! I love your life, what a great place you have. And is that a Kids Ink shirt I see on Eden?? Tres adorable!

    Love you.