In The Neighborhood

The Fourth of July is sort of a big deal in my little town.
People begin celebrating (and by celebrating I mean setting off fireworks/firecrakers/LOUD things) from the middle of June til the fifth of July.
My dog is NOT a fan.
The rockstar, however, IS a fan.
Shortly after breakfast he heard loud noises coming from the neighbors driveway and ran over to investigate.
I decided to tag along and bring my camera.

But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw these:
My ears started hurting just from the sight.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
I'm not a huge fan of firecrackers.
Especially when the so-called rockstar tapes several together and lights them.
I'm with the dog on that one.

The items seen here were JUST for the afternoon.
JUST for when the sun was still out.
The bigger and LOUDER spectacles were waiting in the wings.

I have fun neighbors.

My favorite part of the day though, is watching the neighborhood come to life via sparklers and "special" fireworks (a.k.a. the SPECTACLES they bought from the reservation) just after dusk.
 My little brother even got in on the sparkler action.

Then came the BIG ones.

One of the larger displays may or may not have tipped over and shot in my general direction.
One or two police cars may or may not have driven by and given the neighbors a warning.
One neighbor may or may not have received a citation.

But they sure make for some interesting and beautiful photos:
Thank you, citation receiving neighbor, for providing me with some great photo opportunities and a memorable Fourth of July.
I salute you.


  1. Not the neighborJuly 7, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    What's a $1000 fine and a criminal record when you can see a little chinese cardboard tube lift ten feet in the air and male a muffled pop sound?

  2. 1000 bucks. That's like pocket change!
    I WISH.
    Which is why I prefer to watch from a distance.

  3. I had just as much fun watching the neighbors as I would have had downtown CDA - great fun, great food!!