Cell Phone Sunday: Late Night Edition

It's 11:30pm and I'm still awake.
I know - crazy.
Normally I'd be half way to dream land by now.
But I couldn't sleep without iPhone Sunday-ing...
Hip-hip Hooray!

Here's the proof of my silly picture taking obsession.

...proof that babies think I'm funny.

...proof that this weird thing grows in my front yard. After a little research, we discovered it was some type of puff mushroom.

...proof that where I live, some places serve drinks in glasses that look like toilet bowls.

...proof that she's too cool for school.

...proof that my dog likes the air conditioning.

...proof that Costco isn't just for groceries. $1.50 gets you a jumbo hot dog AND a drink. Woot.

...proof that I'm in love.

...proof that I know some strange animals. This particular dog likes to run around his yard carrying a bowling ball. And stick his giant head THROUGH fences.

...proof that I REALLY need to remember to take the package of baby wipes out of the crib after I change her diaper before nap time. *sigh*


  1. Love all the pics & your writing - as always! Favorites are the Rock Star with his little Samuri Princess & the Princess with the wipes -- who wants to nap when you have a magic package that produces another wipe every time you pull one out! :+O

  2. Love the pictures!! The first one looks like baby was laughing so hard she got tears in her eyes!! And the last picture is also precious! Just can't get mad over the loss of baby wipes when they look that cute!!