Cell Phone Sunday. Woot.

You would THINK I would run out of photos.
Or run out of ideas maybe?
But it's not happening.
My family/friends/neighborhood/life is too silly.
Therefore, I give you my: iPhone photo taking maddness!

The proof, of course, is in the photos.

See here:
...proof that my kid reeeeeeeeeally loves Elmo in all forms. THIS is her Elmo dvd.

...proof that we have a funny friend named Nancy that sticks her head in her freezer to clear her sinuses.

...proof that my neighbor rocks. Major.

...proof that this portable dvd player SAVED MY LIFE when my kiddo and I FLEW to AZ.

 ...proof that I like to play Cribbage. I may or may not have been winning.

...proof that people have a lot of time on their hands...and jellybeans.

...proof that my child is very flexible AND hilarious. I gave her a plate of of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and THIS is how she decided to eat it. Look ma - No hands!

...proof that she also likes to help clean whenever possible.

...proof that I do paint my toenails from time to time...and go out on docks...and take random feet pictures.

...proof that my little brother actually fell asleep in this position. Who does that???

...proof that she's my favorite.

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