Cell Phone Sunday!

I take my iPhone with me everywhere.
I take pictures all the time.
I don't delete.

*Some of these photos were taken by the rockstar. He has officially caught the iPhone photo-taking bug.

Here's the proof.

...proof that my kid is multi-talented. A multi-TASKER, if you will.

...proof that I sat in line to see a certain movie with certain vampires and werewolves in it. *On a side note: I am not obsessed with this series. It was a fun night out with some gals. Besides, I've never see a midnight showing of anything...heck, I don't even know the last time I went OUT at midnight. I am a rebel, hear me roar.

...proof that WHILST sitting in line for the certain movie mentioned above, we helped our neighbor in line (who we'd just met) with her Geology homework.

...proof that my kid makes great faces at random moments.

...proof that she also has a fan club at daycare. That's her in the pink, sitting on a blanket. The other kids see her and come running to grab a spot on the blanky next to her.

...proof that the Ironman Triathlon is sort of a big deal here.

...proof that the rockstar likes to take silly pictures of himself and send them to me at random moments during the day.

...more proof. He thinks doing this is hilarious. I agree.

...proof of several things: 1.) this rocking out thing never gets old. 2.) he's still got it. 3.) I still love going to shows.

...ok, this one might be hard to see, but it's proof of pure cuteness. Buckley decided to lay on my lap and look up at me with those longing eyes. And my little girl thought it might be fun to do the same. The result? Cuteness.

p.s. Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. Super cute post :) Love the daycare one!

  2. Michelle you have talent girl! You could cheer someones evening up so quickly by just getting a glimpse into your life. Your a blessing!!

  3. Karlie!! You're the best. Missed you this evening. Come over soon!!